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  • Chatbot & Chat: the new Guest Experience

    Chatbot & Chat

    In addition to our main products, we offer two more ways in which your guests can interact with your hotel

Chatbot: guest experience 2.0


The next big thing in travel
now available for your guests 24/7

  • Stay - Mobile Product
  • An automatic and efficient personal assistant offering an instant response

  • Handles common questions and requests using both natural language and menus

  • Stay - Mobile Product
  • Chat

    Connect guests with your hotel staff and offer them the best personal assistance

    You can always deactivate it whenever no operators are available or even complement it with the chatbot

  • Components Components Components
  • ChatBot & Chat
    integrate seamlessly with the rest of our products

    They can operate together or separately, but we recommend using both to give your guests and even better experience

Stay - Mobile Product

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