Brand Name
  • Treat your guests with all kinds of features

    We provide the most powerful mobile solution for your guests

  • Service Bookings

    Your guests can easily book any of your hotel’s services and facilities, such as restaurants, spa or tours

  • Components Components Components
  • Stay - Mobile Product
  • Surveys

    Choose the right timing to achieve a deeper customer engagement

    • Extensive survey system in real time

    • Provide your staff with guest satisfaction insights

  • Push Notifications

    Impact your guests at key moment of the day with special offers, novelties and news, or relevant information of any kind

  • Stay - Mobile Product
  • Live Requests

    Your guests can request any of your hotel’s services, such as room service, amenities, housekeeping, issues or VIP services, while your staff manages every activity in real-time from our CMS

Promotion tools

Once you have STAY up and running, invite your guests to use it and increase engagement with a mix of our promotion tools

  • STAY App


    Invite each and every guest to use the solution via email. it's very easy to automatize!

  • STAY App

    Wifi Guest

    Invite your guest to download the app or access the web app in exchange for free wifi

  • STAY App

    QR Codes

    Turn every printed brand material into a direct link to the solution

  • STAY App

    NFC System

    Another great opportunity to create even easier access points for the solution

  • Analyze your data

    We provide complete analytics of your guests’ activity so you can keep track of everything

    • Users, Sessions, Page Views...

    • Most used Services and Products

    • Detailed Survey Results

    • Real-time Thermometer from your guest experience

    • Evaluate Promotion Channel Results

  • STAY App
Stay - Mobile Product

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