Get instant feedback from your guests in real timeDon’t wait until the TripAdvisor review, ask them before and act when you need to

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What kind of surveys can you send?

  • Fixed surveys

    Surveys for a specific service which are always visible in the app and can be answered anytime

  • Contextual surveys, right after a guest enjoys a service

    Guests receive a push notification in their phones with the survey right after they have enjoyed a service

  • Surveys can only be answered once for each time a service is enjoyed

    So fixed surveys cannot be answered more than once

React instantly to your guests’ feedback

  • Track answers in real time
  • See individual guest’s answers and get in touch with them if you need to
  • Track answers for specific services as well

Instant creation and multilanguage

  • Create and modify surveys any time
  • Decide when you send them
  • Choose the language you want to send them in

Your guests want fast, easy and customized service

Make it easy for your guests and your staff
Real time tracking and management

Stay’s platform allows you to easily include all the information about your hotel, track all the activity coming from the app, and manage all requests.