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Introducing Kids Club: a key facility for families and hotels

Oier Fano D.

Our team keeps working on adding useful tools to make it easier for hotels to manage their facilities and for guests to enjoy them! We’re now launching Kids Club: a feature to help hotels manage their children’s entertainment facilities.

Kids Club, the new STAY feature

Every family going on vacation loves to find specific facilities for children when staying at a hotel: be it a small childcare facility or a complete activity club, they all fit in this new STAY feature.

Guests will be able to see what entertainment options are offered for their children on the app. Your staff will be able to manage this service more efficiently while gaining control and visibility over its activity.

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Kids Club benefits for guests and staff

Now let's talk about how this feature is going to improve the guest experience and make it easier for your staff:

👉 An easier and faster registration process

Guests will find it easier to access this service and enroll their children within minutes from the app, avoiding lines and having all the information at hand.

The hotel staff will be able to customize the registration form and include as many questions as needed, as well as service rules and a legal notice for guests to read and accept. The whole process is done through the app, so it’s time-saving for staff and more convenient for guests.

👉 Safe and quick access to members’ information

Your staff will be able to check every member’s registration profile anytime, add internal follow-up comments, keep track of attendance, and have visibility over who is using the service in real time.

You will not miss a thing and will have everything under control.

👉 Smoother service operation for your staff

You can create as many kids clubs as you need, and share information easily with guests about activities, opening hours, service rules, etc.

The registration process allows you to collect detailed information about children’s needs. The access record will help you control service capacity and organize groups by time slots. You will also be able to send updates to parents by using alerts.

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