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Engage guests in your hotel's activities

Your guests will appreciate your list of events. Don't let them miss out by letting them save or book their favorite activities.

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Boost your event's visibility and engagement 

Paperless info in the palm of the guest's hand

The fastest way to manage reservations

Activities calendar

Promote events and let your guests book online

Delight your guests by keeping them informed about all the exciting activities available at your hotel. Enable easy access to schedules, details, and booking options for their favorite experiences

Kids Club

Simplify Kids Club registration for staff and guests

A key facility for families and hotels. All the information will now be sent straight from the guest's phone, so it'll be fast and smooth.

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Sports Pro

Make all sports facilities available to your guests

Enhance your guests' experience with complete access to your hotel's sports facilities. Provide them with real-time timetables, details, and seamless smartphone booking.

Hotel Map

Show your facilities with ease with an interactive map

Provide your guests with an interactive map that lets them find your hotel’s facilities, services, and points of interest, just by pulling out their smartphones.

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Other front desk services that you may want to highlight


Third-party tours

Third-party tours will be a hit with your guests. Give them a hand and promote them via app


Night shows

Your guests want to have fun inside your hotel. Let them know what the show schedule is.

Pool activities

Make your pool's offerings available to your guests via app. Maybe a DJ session, a voleyball game or a spin in pool class.

"STAY lets our guests know what the resort offers beforehand. Interaction occurs through the app when they are in-house, and the purchasing process is shortened. It's all at their fingertips"

Deyanira Martínez

Resident Manager
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Make your hotel's guest experience awesome

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