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The client

Cancun's Dreams Natura resort is a delight for all guests. Peace, fun, sun and wellness.
Their facilities on the Mexican East Coast have 553 rooms, 4 climatized pools, a private beach, a water park for the whole family… and much more.
Live music, cooking and cocktail workshops, and 15 bars and restaurants. During the high season, Dreams Natura used to print up to 1.000 paper sheets a day to thoroughly inform guests.

About 300.000 a year. That's a ton and a half of paper, if you leave ink and electricity out. But… It just so happens that they were able to save resources by knocking on STAY's door.




rating of the app by guests

+ 1.000 kg

of paper saved, after implementing STAY

The challenge

Making the service offering available on the guests' devices

It was a triple challenge, particularly in these last two years, for Dreams Natura's board of directors. Deyanira Martinez, the resort's Resident Manager, explains that:
"In December 2020, we began discussions concerning the implementation of STAY. Dreams Natura Resort strives to ensure that its guests are well-informed about the services it offers. Before their arrival, as soon as the reservation is made. In addition, we sought to be more environmentally friendly”.

However, they faced additional challenges. They wished to adapt their resort to our digital age. “In this way, tourists could interact with the staff while being able to do almost anything using their devices. From booking a table, ordering room service, or ordering amenities to booking a spa appointment, new towels, or a show”.


Instant surveys to improve the guest experience

“Nowadays, guests are glued to their smartphones. Therefore, we have the opportunity to make the most of STAY", adds Martinez. “For example, room service is one of the most requested services in our resort. With STAY, we aimed to gather immediate feedback from users through surveys conducted through the app. Our focus is on the room service. If something does not go as planned, we are now aware of it immediately. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to turn the problem into an opportunity to offer the best service”.

The Solution

Optimizing the guest experience by digitizing the hotel's service offering with STAY

Deyanira Martínez tells us how the quick and easy implementation of STAY reinforced their success. “Once our guests make a reservation, we send them a QR Code letting them know that they can download our app and start exploring all the hotspots within our resort, the different restaurants serving different kinds of food, the shows, the sports facilities, etc”.

Dreams Natura's Resident Manager takes things a step further.

“In peak season, we can provide our guests with personalized offers they can access from their smartphones. This saves us over 1000 sheets of paper each day. It also reduces energy consumption and printing costs. It saves about a ton of paper each year".

Technology at the service of guests. And staff…

“It makes us feel good to know that our efforts to provide our customers with a variety of services are paying off. Thanks to STAY, our guests arrive at the front desk knowing our resort and our service offering beforehand. In a very visual, simple and intuitive way”, she adds

Here is an example:

“Using STAY, they can order food from our hotel's restaurant wherever they are. On the beach, on the way to the room... Once they get inside their room, the food will be ready”.

“The purchase process is simplified. There is a higher level of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, STAY allows us to improve the guest experience immediately if a human error occurs. Let's say an employee forgets to add sauce to a hamburger after a room service request. In a matter of seconds, the human error will be fixed with the help of the survey's feedback”.

That's a win-win for both staff and guests. "Instead of being disappointed, guests will be delighted. Our hotel employees want to offer a world-class experience, so it makes a difference to us. STAY gives us a second chance to impress our guests”.


"STAY lets our guests know what the resort offers beforehand. Interaction occurs through the app when they are in-house, and the purchasing process is shortened. It's all at their fingertips".

Deyanira Martinez
Resident Manager
The Results

56.000 satisfied guests

Quite early, the results arrived. There are more than 10.000 guests who have downloaded the app, which has 827 ratings as of this writing: There is no doubt: 4,9 points out of 5.

"Our guests are delighted, and so are we. STAY makes our service offerings more visible. The guest experience is enhanced. We can fix the little mistakes we make throughout our daily routines. Instantly. And we save paper, ink, electricity, etc.”.

“Covid testing is one of the most popular services available through the app. Guests can find our safety policy on the app too. We also allow them to take the mandatory tests in our resort in order to return to their country. We handle everything through STAY”, adds Martínez.

“Our company was the first to implement the system in the AMR Collection chain. Our experience has been excellent. STAY offers constant feedback, because we can interact with them, tell them about our needs, and sometimes, they are able to offer us tailored solutions. The tool is very easy to use and implement”.


"We appreciate the constant feedback with STAY;
We tell them about our needs and they do their best
to offer us tailor-made solutions. It is useful an very
easy to implement”.

Deyanira Martinez
Resident Manager

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