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Improve the quality of all your services

Active listening and data analysis are key to understanding your guests' needs and exceeding their expectations

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Gather feedback when it matters most

Take action instantly over any negative experience

Improve your services on a daily basis

Instant Feedback

Get immediate feedback before your guests leave

Negative reviews hurt. Especially those you can avoid if you act quickly. Transform negative experiences into positive ones through real-time reviews.

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Instant Feedback for hotels
Analytics & Insights

Make data-driven decisions

Obtain real-time statistics on how your services are being used, so you know what works well and what needs to be improved. You'll make better decisions that help your business grow.

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Make class reservations effortless for your guests to maintain the vibe of yoga. Introduce timetables and details.



Your hotel offers a sense of mindfulness to many guests. The reservation process should remain spirit-filled.

Personal trainer

Do you have personal trainers who sometimes go unnoticed? Make this premium service more visible.

"STAY provides us data for each hotel and for the whole chain, which is really relevant when making decisions about our operations and processes"

Georg Strauch

Corporate Front Office Manager at RIU

Make your hotel's guest experience awesome

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