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Optimize your Front Desk’s operations

Help your guests feel at home by providing all the information they need and responding instantly to any questions or requests they have.

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Enable a direct communication channel

Simplify the request process for your guests

Increase the productivity of your staff 

Task Manager

Take control of your guests’ requests

Improve your team's agility in addressing guest requests by taking charge. By centralizing all requests, you can efficiently manage tasks, keep guests up-to-date in real-time, and spend more time providing memorable guest experiences

  • Receive requests about amenities, issues, or housekeeping
  • Centralize all requests for better management
  • Keep your guests informed about the status in real-time.

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Concierge Chat

Communicate with guests in real time

Communicate with guests in real time with a live chat that will help your staff make your guest experience amazing. Now guests can ask for help anywhere, anytime. Adapt your hotel to how we communicate nowadays!

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Hotel Directory

Get all your hotel's info on guests' phones

Make it easy for your guests to access all the essential information about your hotel's facilities and services by providing an easily accessible digital directory.

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Destination Guide

Show guests your destination's hidden gems

Allow your guests to explore the area where the hotel is located with an interactive and detailed guide. Avoid unhandy paper maps by going paperless.

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Hotel Map

Provide an interactive map of your facilities

Provide your guests with an interactive map that lets them find your hotel’s facilities, services, and points of interest, just by pulling out their smartphones.

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Other front desk services that you may want to highlight


Premium services

Make sure your guests know about your premium services by making them always accesible and visible.



Offer your guests the option to use your laundry service via your app. Customer and staff friendly.

Late check out

Just one click to ask for a late check out. Say goodbye to night calls to the front desk.

"STAY has helped us with pretty much everything. There are no lines at the front desk, the room service department has no more waiting calls, and guests can request anything from anywhere"

Almudena Mosteiro Muñoz

Assistant Manager at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
Hard Rock

Make your hotel's guest experience awesome

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