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Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is Hard Rock’s first hotel in Europe, operating since 2014. It’s a 5 star hotel located in Playa d’en Bossa. It has 493 rooms and more than 500 employees.



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The challenge

Increase contactless services

The COVID-19 safety measures implemented accelerated the need to digitize the customer-facing services at the hotel in order to minimize physical contact between the staff and the guests without compromising the efficiency and quality of the service and the customer-centric approach which characterizes the brand.

Thus, it was necessary to replace the traditional channels of promoting events or sending offers to the guests. Traditionally, they consisted of displaying messages in the TV of each room, updating tablets and screens in each room with the new information, and having Guest Service and Front Desk staff personally informing the guests. It was a slow and tedious process that was often insufficient.

“We needed to do more, lead with innovation and not fall behind. Guests today are looking for immediacy. They don’t want to make a call if they need to ask for something or book a service”.

Almudena Mosteiro Muñoz
Assistant Manager at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
The Solution

Improving workflows having to do with the guests’ stay

From the very first moment, all department heads saw the platform as the ideal solution to improve the guest’s experience and the hotel’s daily operations. After a brief training period, the solution was fully implemented in less than three weeks, and every team was proposing new ideas and improvements to increase the number of transactions and interactions guests were having with the solution.

The focus was on those features fundamental for Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza:


Restaurant reservations

The guest can quickly check each restaurant’s schedule, cooking style and if there are any available tables.

Live Requests

The guest can report issues or request amenities and housekeeping services directly from his phone using the app Those requests are instantly received by the head of the Requests department.

Room Service ordering

This is the feature most used by guests due to its clarity and ease of use.

“Improve your stay” and “premium services”

to promote and give more visibility to ancillary services and upgrading services such as balinese beds rental.

“We had to reduce our staff due to the uncertainty about whether the number of reservations would increase or decrease with COVID-19. STAY allowed us to avoid long waiting lines at the Guest Service desk, the Reception desk and the restaurants”.

Almudena Mosteiro Muñoz
Assistant Manager at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
The Results

Faster response time and centralized data

Implementing STAY has allowed Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza to reduce the workload of their teams, and to digitize and streamline the relationship with their guests.

Having the hotel’s general information as well as specific information about each service in the same place, and being able to update it in real-time has made it possible for Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza to be very flexible and to quickly adapt to each new situation caused by changes in COVID-19 restrictions (restricted opening times, closing or opening restaurants or shops, limiting the number of persons who can access each of the hotel’s facilities at the same time, especially at peak times like breakfast or lunch…). Another very used feature has been the push notifications, which are sent to guests to inform them of offers and promotions.

Client reception has been excellent, and many guests have given very positive feedback about Room Service ordering restaurant reservations and housekeeping requests. Some have liked the tool so much that they’ve become more involved and have gone so far as to suggest possible new features to improve the solution further, such as being able to consult their bill (something which STAY is already working on).

“STAY has helped us with pretty much everything. There are no lines at the front desk, the room service department has no more waiting calls, and guests can request anything from anywhere in the hotel and see how much they’ll be charged. Guests have really come to appreciate the value the app gives them and how it makes their stay so much better”.

Almudena Mosteiro Muñoz
Assistant Manager at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

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