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How to anticipate guest needs and exceed expectations in your hotel

Oier Fano D.
Anticipating guest needs

Being a good problem-solver at a hotel will help you build a positive brand reputation (as long as things don't go wrong all the time). Yet, there's a more convenient way to go the extra mile.

Anticipating guests' needs in providing hospitality service. That’s the most useful skill for making a hotel stand out among its competitors. Getting that right can prove tricky, though. Fortunately, there is help at hand. Find out how you can offer the highest level of guest satisfaction to your guests. 

Surveys and guest experience systems. That’s how you provide guest with memorable experiences.

By definition, anticipating guest needs and desires can not, and will not, happen by accident.

That’s why the hotel industry is evolving. Not that long ago, hotels were strictly analog. However, that time has passed.

Hoteliers are instead becoming more tech-savvy. Guest Experience OS, for instance, provide with live survey functionalities, which can help you anticipate your guests' needs.

This is where STAY’s pioneer Instant Feedback tool comes in handy. By sending quick and convenient questions to guests at the right moments, hotels can gather feedback and anticipate any potential issues before they escalate.

The tool provides hotels with the opportunity to identify areas that require improvement.

By addressing issues promptly, hotels can ensure guest satisfaction and avoid negative reviews on external platforms. Moreover, by proactively improving their services, hotels can anticipate further issues and provide guests with a memorable experience.

The importance of anticipating guests' demands cannot be overstated in today's competitive hospitality industry. A hotel that fails to anticipate guests' needs risks losing business to competitors who can meet those needs. 

Therefore, investing in tools like Instant Feedback can help hotels stay ahead of the game by continuously improving their services and meeting guests' expectations.


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An example of anticipating business travelers' needs

Let’s say that you work in the front desk of a hotel next to the airport.

Imagine that many of your customers are business travelers arriving early in the morning. It's no secret that they can't check in until 15. You can expect them to be stressed. It's fine with them. It's just how it is. They expect a luggage room, so you'll have one.

However, imagine if the hotel decides to build a room with comfortable sofas, delicious Italian coffee, meeting rooms, and fresh food to charge batteries before a busy work day. It would be the perfect destination for business travelers -the most frequent kind of traveler-.

Would they consider staying at another hotel in the future? Definitely not.

That's how you get repeat guests.

There are thousands of examples like the aforementioned. Regardless of the kind of hotel or resort. Linked to facilities, amenities (let’s think of British tourists visiting your hotel and forgetting about the plug adapters), services…

Research carried out for the business software company SAP, found that desire for flexibility is a top priority for young people.  

With 59% of Generation-Z business travelers saying they’d rather have a “crying toddler in the seat behind them than have no control over when and where they travel for work”. That’s exactly why you need to anticipate your guests’ needs.

That’s what 5 star hotels who provide world-class guest experience do. Find out which are these needs and. Act accordingly. 

These are top 5 requirements of a business traveler according to their experience:

  • High speed wi-fi
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Great Location
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Meeting rooms

Do not forget your Social Media channels

Our goal when it comes to anticipating hotel guests' needs is to make their stay as pleasant as possible. ACT NOW! It might be impossible for them to reach your front desk if you don't show them you'll exceed their expectations.

That's why it's essential to make an impression right away. Use social media to accomplish this. Share your "wowed" guests' experience on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. However, why would they serve as my online ambassadors for free?” you might ask.

Guests who feel their expectations are exceeded will spread the word. Use success stories and case studies and post them in your social media channels.

It's a gold mine.

Our goal when it comes to anticipating hotel guests' needs is to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

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