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Instant Feedback: spot bad experiences and take action in real-time

Oier Fano D.
Introducing Instant Feedback

Negative reviews hurt. Particularly those you can avoid if you act on time. This requires knowing how your guests' stay is going in real time.

We have launched Instant Feedback with that objective: our new survey system will help you spot bad experiences before your clients leave (and it's too late).

With our technology, you can fix your mistakes on time and boost your reputation on sites like Booking, Expedia or Google Review.

👉 Here is a video tour with all the information about this new product:

Let's get into the details.

You can ask when, how, and about what you want

Instant Feedback is the most flexible and instant survey tool; you can send questions at any time and in any way you want. 

It is also possible to customize the design. You will be able to select the format in which you want to send the questions to your customers. Pop-ups, top banners, or a full-screen survey. It depends on what you prefer. Your hotel's app will allow guests to provide feedback in seconds.

Here's an example:

Your guests can receive a survey half an hour after a room service (or any other service provided at your hotel), asking what you consider appropriate: whether the service was excellent, whether the waiting time was reasonable, or whether the food was delicious or not. 

Guests can answer with a score and/or review, adding comments if they wish. As a result, the feedback will be received immediately. Therefore, the reviews will be more realistic, and that's what you're interested in as a hotelier. 

This will give you a second chance to please your guests. From your hotel app, everything you need. 

Detect, act, and start a conversation with the guest… right from your inbox!

The Instant Feedback feature is designed to detect negative experiences in real time from your guests. Furthermore, it is designed to take advantage of this second opportunity to satisfy your clients immediately.

It is for this reason that the new Inbox is so important. 

This panel is where you will receive all of the reviews of your guests, all at once. The Inbox will allow you to communicate with dissatisfied customers, and change a bad opinion into a positive one before they leave.

Furthermore, you can set up automated actions so that the department or employees you want are notified instantly after a bad experience. For example, you can set a threshold that you consider a bad experience. Let’s say 2 stars out of 5. Once you receive a review scoring 2 stars or below, your staff will be immediately notified in order to act ASAP.

And last but not least: a new channel of communication will be opened between the hotel and the guest so that the latter can be informed of the progress of an ongoing issue. This allows you to improve an experience in progress, yes, but also to interact with your guests at all times, so they realize the effort you put into it.

Your hotel's strengths and weaknesses should be monitored

Furthermore, the tool will allow you to gain a better understanding of what works and what can be improved in your hotel over the medium and long term.

Segmentation allows you to analyze hotel operations in great detail. In other words, you can ask your guests for both a global assessment of cleanliness and an evaluation of a particular service. 

This will allow you to pinpoint exactly which services are "culprits" of a decrease in cleaning score. By implementing Instant Feedback, you can identify dissatisfied guests before checking out, ensuring they are happy with their experience.

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