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The resort’s guest experience: 5 tips to improve it

Oier Fano D.
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If hotels were movies, holiday resorts would be Hollywood blockbusters. Each guest has been waiting months, years or even decades to have a dream experience, so there's a lot of pressure on the entire staff at a resort. The employees must always perform at their best. But it is not easy.

In this article you will discover:

👉 The factors that affect a resort's guest experience
👉 Improvements to resort operations through technology
👉 Resort digitization success stories


What factors determine the guest experience in resort hotels?

All resorts have unique characteristics that set them apart from one another. Despite this, all of them have common points that can be discussed as a means to improve the guest experience:

The number of guests and the average length of stay are high

There is something special about a resort. In many aspects, especially with regard to the facility dimensions. Many Caribbean resorts have more than 600 rooms, which can accommodate 1,500 discerning guests. 

Compared to other types of hotels, their average stay is much longer. There are usually two or more desks separated by hundreds of meters, a few restaurants and bars, spas and water parks, guided tours, nurseries, etc. 

In the absence of an effective organizational system, guests may not be able to receive information in an optimal manner, which results in the hotel not being able to maximize its potential. 

It's unthinkable 💣

A diverse range of services offered by several departments

Sometimes coordination between staff departments fails, and waiting times are high as a result. Resort hotels have a much wider range of departments than typical hotels. Apart from housekeeping, kitchen, breakfast... There are many other departments as well, including events, wellness, nursery, shops, bars, and restaurants. 

Unlike a typical hotel, the guest spends virtually all of his time inside the resort. As a result, the expectations are higher. Due to the confluence of hundreds of clients, the situation can rapidly spiral out of control. 

And… resorts are places where you want everything to go smoothly: to disconnect from the routine, to feel special and unique.

There is a tiny margin of error. 

What has been their secret to reaching perfection in recent years? Using technology to accomplish tasks while identifying and addressing situations that negatively impact the guest experience. 

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How are resorts improving the guest experience?

The role of technology in this regard cannot be overstated. The hotel sector progresses by identifying weaknesses and applying the solutions offered by the market to rectify and improve them. 

A pivotal role is being played by digital tools in the development of these strategies. Listed below are 5 points of improvement used by cutting-edge resorts.

1. Digitization of information and services. Accessibility from mobile phones

It is well known among resorts. In the pre-technological era, hotels offered many more services than the average guest could handle, due to customer fatigue when they arrive at the hotel.

A desire to enter the room can override everything else.

Therefore, these tools have affected how services are offered and how they are perceived by guests. A number of benefits have been achieved as a result of resorts digitizing all of their services, menus, and maps, such as:

  • The guest has constant access to information from the smartphone.
  • Increased revenue by cutting down on the purchasing process.
  • Progressive elimination of paper in hotels. 
  • Immediate changes in menus/services at 0 cost (Senda Hotels).

It is not uncommon for gigantic resorts with restaurants, spas, and services to empty their reception desk because everything can be handled on a smartphone.

In an intuitive, fluid, and natural way, guests can access the different corners of the hotel using their devices and the resort maps on their screens. This is a true wow experience.

The visibility of successful services that were perhaps hidden for a variety of reasons is now optimal. When guests feel the urge to buy or consume, they just reach for their phone and choose. Revenues increase, of course.

The user only needs to click a couple of times on their mobile device to get what they want. Neither awkward phone calls nor physical visits are required. 

2. Reduction of the number of steps in the reservation and request processes

Resorts offer a wide range of services, which is one of their greatest advantages. Whether it's restaurants, wellness, entertainment, or sports. In order to satisfy their guests, hotel managers strive to offer the best repertoire. 

As a solution to the problem of all reservations being made over the phone or by being at the reception, they have chosen to make all services available via smartphones. Furthermore, the reservation process can be managed from any mobile screen. 

In addition, shortening the purchase process seems to increase consumption, which is of great interest to hotels in terms of income. 

A luxury resort chain in America, AMR Collection, confirms how important this is. "Revenue has risen so much that the expenses for this technology are more than covered." 

Requests to different departments are handled in the same way. When guests are forced to carry out a physical action in order to resolve an issue –by calling by phone or going to reception– they can experience a certain level of frustration.

Customers can now make the request from anywhere and on any screen, reducing the impact on their overall experience.

3. Mobile communication channel implementation

In a resort, guests want to feel special. A wait in a line with other tourists can frustrate you in addition to making you feel like a member of the crowd. The hotel's objective lies at the Antipodes. 

The importance of mobile communication channels is increasing as a result. Due to the staff's management of these tools and their communication skills, the interaction with the guest is very personal. The communication is immediate and direct. 

Chat, instant messaging, and push notifications enable guests to communicate with the hotel from anywhere.

4. Introduction of surveys in real time: “the extra ball”

It is not just chats that can be optimized for communication. Many resorts have implemented real-time surveys at their resorts as a result of adapting to the new trends. 

The objective? 👀

To be able to detect improvable experiences in real time so that you can act as soon as possible and demonstrate your commitment to providing unforgettable experiences. It's like an extra ball in an arcade pinball machine.

After enjoying a certain service, the guest receives a simple feedback survey on their mobile device with customizable questions during the time that hotel managers deem appropriate.

For example, following room service to ensure the food has arrived at the right temperature and quantity. As a hotel manager, one of the greatest concerns is not being able to watch what happens during guests' stays in real time. There's a solution now. 

Through this solution, Dreams Nature Resort (Cancun) has been able to smooth out imperfections instantly. In the kitchen, for instance, a specific sauce requested by the customer may be forgotten 😉

You can inform the hotel in seconds through the survey, and the staff will knock on your door moments later with the sauce and an apology. It's magic. 

5. Real-time management of requests on the same screen

As a result of technology, hundreds of requests are received each day by the different departments on a standard basis. Receptionists, for instance, will be able to see all open tickets involving housekeeping, kitchen, breakfast, spa, etc. 

As we strive for the long-awaited coordination and streamlining of processes, this technology allows us to keep track of all guest requests. As a result, the front desk will be gradually relieved as well as the response time will decrease. 

Therefore, the staff is better organized, more motivated, and enjoys their work more. In this way, The Ritz Carlton Abama Hotel, for example, has sped up the management of its guests' requests by 70%.

We hope you gained a better understanding of improving the guest experience at a resort after reading this post 👏. You've reached the end of the article, so we're sure you'll be interested in some of our success stories with hotels of all sizes and types.


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