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The client

The Hyatt Inclusive Collection is a chain of resorts and hotels owned by Apple Leisure Group (ALG). The company implemented STAY more than a year ago, through its different brands: Secrets, Dreams, Breathless, Zoetry, Alua or Sunscape. Hotels in Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. One of the leading names in global hospitality. Always on the front lines of guest satisfaction.


hotels operating with STAY




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The challenge

Yudy Mora explains how STAY has become a vital part of her daily operations. “In the context of the pandemic, I was given the responsibility of leading the mobile strategy for the different business units. It was an uncertain time. Our goal was to create a contactless guest experience".

"My boss, Baldemar, Vice President of IT, had done some market research and contacted a STAY member at a fair," says Mora. “We used a similar platform. However, neither the guests nor the operational area found it useful. My approach is very ‘customer-centered’. I was soon able to see what it was going to offer us. From the standpoint of failures with the previous application”, she continues.

The goal was to increase users when compared to the previous app. “When we looked for a new app, we wanted it to be user-friendly and a platform that guests could use without downloading”.

Hyatt Inclusive Collection was offered that option by STAY. “You can use a QR code to access their website and service offering without downloading anything”.


"STAY's user-friendly interface and ease of use for my staff are two of its key features.

Yudy Mora
Product Owner Manager
The solution

STAY's adaptation to the day-to-day operations of the hotel

Yudy Mora claims that STAY immediately captivated her. "STAY met all of our needs without installing apps. In addition, we found that it had other features that have been essential in our day-to-day dealings with different hotels". She mentions aspects that weren't decision-makers, but were nevertheless important to her.

An example from the Hyatt Inclusive Collection
 product manager: "We adapted the platform to our daily operations. Our staff was going to manage the content. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use".

According to her, the design and use were extremely user-friendly. “There was no outdated interface like the ones banks use. It looked great. In the hotel business, where people are so demanding, it helps to have a visually appealing and intuitive tool. We did a pilot in two hotels on the Riviera to see what it was like. In two months, it was clear we made the right choice"


"Although it wasn't a critical decision point, I was concerned with the platform's ability to adapt operations. However, it proved to be an easy move.

Yudy Mora
Product Owner Manager



The Results

More than 50% of users and 4.7/5 evaluation

After implementing STAY for a few months, Yudy explains its effect. “It skyrocketed the number of users. Increasing them by 50% was our goal. However, we far exceeded that goal. Based on data, we tried to make decisions, and those decisions proved to be right. But we got more benefits than just that”.

"We implemented surveys at one of the most critical points. Room service. We were surprised at how well we scored, but what's more interesting is what we could do when things weren't going as well as we would have liked."

With STAY, you can track guest reviews in real time. “This gave us a second chance to impress them and to prevent a bad review on one of the external websites such as Booking or Tripadvisor"

Yudy tells us about a typical problem that they now solve awesomely. “Sometimes, a brief message is enough. For example: ‘the food was a little cold for me. I got a small portion”.

"Imagine that, in that case, the manager immediately phones you to apologize and offers you a complimentary bottle of wine. Alongside with STAY, we turn a bad situation into a golden opportunity".

ALG's head is delighted with STAY. “It's been a great experience so far. It's in more than 80% of Hyatt Inclusive Collection hotels so far. Some hotels are making good use of it. Others need to progress to a point where they're making full use of it. Little by little."


The increase in revenue throughout the chain

“In a nutshell, STAY is extremely helpful to us. It pays for itself and more”.

“Our annual report at the corporate level revealed that the app contributed to a significant increase in our revenue. It pays for itself. Spa services, gourmet dinners, wine sales, tastings, and other premium services have seen significant increases since we implemented the app”.

To make decisions, the head of this successful hotel chain relies heavily on data. Our users rate the app 4.7 out of 5 on average. The app has been downloaded tens of thousands of times in 50 Hyatt Inclusive Collection hotels. As important as this is and in relation to our expectations of STAY. About 80-90% of the hotel's guests use the app. Increasing users has been a strategy for the hotel operations department and us. We are very pleased with it. It was a success. The results it had were impressive, but it was also very easy to implement. It's always a smooth and easy process when we introduce it to a new hotel."


"This app pays for itself.". We've seen a significant increase in revenue, and 80-90% of our guests regularly use it”

Yudy Mora
Product Owner Manager

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