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The client

Barceló Hotel Group is one of the most successful hotel chains in the industry. The company, whose headquarters are in Palma de Mallorca, was founded in 1931. Over 91 years of making millions of guests happy. As a constant evolver, Barceló has worked with STAY since 2016. This partnership is aimed at providing guests with a great experience.


Barceló hotels have implemented STAY


unique users in 2021


transactions in 2021

The challenge

Barceló was trying to streamline processes. With a clear vision: To provide the best guest experience, to reduce waiting times, and to be sustainable

Álvaro Montalvo is Barcelo’s Ancillaries & Innovation Project Manager. He has a thorough knowledge of hotel industry innovations.He has a thorough understanding of hotel industry innovations. Taking the opportunity to explain how the chain he works for started using STAY.

“When it comes to Barceló, technology is about streamlining processes. We wanted to implement a 360-degree tool in this instance. The purpose of this feature is to allow hotel guests to communicate with us during their stay. Our customers can now book spa treatments, tables, room service, and bathrobes, among others”.

"We have worked with STAY for over seven years. When technology was first introduced, users weren't as eager to use it as they are now. Things have changed dramatically over the last two years."

Barceló started searching for the right app seven years ago. When they tried STAY, they knew it was the right tool for them. It started as a pilot program, and now it has been implemented in 102 hotels. Montalvo explains that the entire EMEA region of the company - Middle East, Africa, and Europe - relies on STAY.

From that point on, they are focused on a goal. “We offer the guests an interaction tool with our staff. We can make real-time decisions with it. This simplifies our staff's duties at the same time. The guest experience has also been improved. This is done while being more environmentally friendly. It makes us happy”.


"Over the past seven years, we have worked closely with STAY. Our guests today are much more prepared to use hotel technology than when we first implemented it".

Álvaro Montalvo
Ancillaries & Innovation Project Manager
The solution

Due to the constant feedback provided by STAY, operational improvements were achieved

STAY provided Barceló with answers to its main questions. “Working with STAY long-term offers a lot of advantages, including constant feedback,” Montalvo admits.

“We benefit from STAY's openness and flexibility. Their product team is always available to us. As a result, we are able to make many requests and suggestions. Sometimes, they are feasible. Other times, not. However, we also benefit from the other STAY clients. They also contribute ideas. When they are implemented, these ideas help us too. We become stronger as a result”.

Montalvo gives us examples of improvements made by STAY and some of their clients. “We requested a mobile key, which lets you open the door with your phone instead of a plastic card. We did this because we noticed some chains were using them. Our goal at Barceló is to be at the forefront”. They are now working on expanding its use for two reasons.

"On the one hand, Barceló is committed to the environment. Guests are requesting sustainable hotels more and more frequently. And we try to act in accordance with social demands as we did when we decided to stop printing the welcome guides, saving a lot of paper. These guides are now digital. The same applies to mobile keys. They offer a technological experience tailored to social demands… associated with sustainability. Plastic waste is significantly reduced.” Montalvo adds that “on the other hand, there is a commitment with innovation. Pure innovation. When guests see how mobile keys work, they say: ‘Wow, I want to try this’”.


"Mobile keys offer a technological experience tailored to social demands associated with sustainability. Plastic waste is significantly reduced".

Álvaro Montalvo
Ancillaries & Innovation Project Manager



The Results

Mobile devices are used to manage all services. Everything is more convenient and sustainable

With Montalvo's expertise, and working together with STAY, results were immediate. Everything is more convenient. “Look. Let me give you an example. Imagine you are staying in a 1 kilometer-long resort. Imagine you want to check out late. Your plastic key needs to be updated at reception. Consider a different scenario: Your key becomes demagnetized. The experience is uncomfortable. Especially on vacation. You want to make the most of your time. You can now manage everything from your smartphone. Including the key update. You will receive an answer in a matter of seconds”. Sustainability and comfort go hand in hand.


Real time decision making

I insist on the concept of 360 degree tools. STAY helps us in many different ways every day, and I am able to provide you with a variety of examples. For instance, a guest can order food. In the room, yes, but also when he or she is on the way to the room, let's say after lying on the beach. Upon arrival, the food will be ready”.

Montalvo gives more details. Tourists can book spa treatments. Check out everything that's happening at the hotel. Meanwhile, we can also detect pain points easier. And streamline processes".

Since they're working with STAY, Barceló's staff can update the menus instantly, without printing tons of papers. “Now we can make customized offers too. Long time ago, you could choose whether to add a dish to your menu, because it meant printing a bunch of papers, now you go all the way. It's easy. Real-time updates through the CMS with no energy use".

He continues. "We can make better decisions in real time. Think about a resort with two restaurants. If you have one of them nearly full and the other half empty, you can send out push notifications with offers. To balance the occupancy. This also works with food that is about to expire”.

In his last success story, Montalvo ties STAY, swimming pools and technology together. The Barceló Conil Playa hotel launched a pilot program. There are 200 hammocks around the swimming pool. Each hammock has its own QR code. Customers can order drinks and food through their mobile devices after scanning the QR codes. "Margaritas, orange juice...whatever.".

Now the experience is all digital. It's quicker and easier. The request goes straight to the waiter's phone.

“But we're not done yet. All of our waiters wear smartwatches. There's no risk of them missing the customer's order because it vibrates. Just imagine how much time we save. Previously, the waiter had to walk to every hammock. Come to the kitchen. Bring the order to the customer. And come back to the kitchen. Suddenly, everything is faster. It's more comfortable. For the guests. And for our staff too.


"With STAY, we can make real-time decisions. We can adapt to the circumstances immediately, we can create tailor-made promotions and we are able to deliver food to our guests in a more comfortable and faster way".

Álvaro Montalvo
Ancillaries & Innovation Project Manager

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