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Vincci Hoteles was founded in 2001. It is a chain of four and five-star urban hotels endorsed by the experience of the Calero family, with more than fifty years of experience in the sector, and with a portfolio of 42 hotels distributed among Spain (32 hotels), Portugal (4 hotels), Tunisia (5 hotels), and Greece (1 hotel). Its properties have an excellent location, a maximum quality service, and each one has its own personality. A Sevillian palace, an imposing Madrid building on Gran Vía, a structure that simulates a sailboat in front of the Bilbao Guggenheim, etc.

Each accommodation has a link with the place where it is located and provides added value to the guest's experience and stay. The Vincci App of STAY has been an ally to achieve this, and in 2023, the chain's reputation is 'Hors Categorie'.



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Average rating of 4.7 out of 5


unique users in 2022

The challenge

Vincci Hoteles offered cutting-edge services, but guests were leaving without knowing their catalog: the Spanish chain needed a solution.

Aixa Rodríguez Del Alisal, Marketing and Communication Director of the successful Spanish hotel chain, points out that "Vincci Hoteles and STAY have grown almost hand in hand. I remember perfectly the challenge we faced in 2015. The need arose from the problem we had in many hotels: We detected that guests were often not aware of all the services we offered in our properties, nor of all the points of sale available to them during their stay.”

“This was a situation that the hotel chain wanted to change in order to give visibility to its maximum quality services. Their efforts to offer a range of high-quality services were not being rewarded. "No matter how much we tried to inform at our receptions, or with internal signage, we couldn't get the guest to be fully aware of our Spa, the proposal of our restaurants, etc."
Vincci Hoteles knew that the success of the experience depended on that varied and attractive offer of services. So they put their heads together.

"Since the creation of the chain, we have worked on promoting our services and facilities, but we wanted to take a step further and that's why we opted for a digital tool. An app that would give visibility to our range of products and services. We wanted a tool that would also collect all the information in a single, convenient and intuitive app, and that would allow guests to consult it constantly from their smartphones, even before check-in. The sustainability of the tool was also a priority, we wanted to eliminate tons of paper from our daily lives."

"We were striving for guests to discover our quality services at reception, but it wasn't enough. We needed a solution that would give our service offerings catalog maximum visibility."

The solution

The solution to Vincci's dilemma was called STAY: a modern and affordable app that provided visibility to the services and digitized the customer journey

Vincci Hoteles knew what they wanted - an app that showcased their entire catalog of products and services, information, and schedules. But just as important, it had to be a functional tool that projected their brand image in an attractive and modern way.

STAY offered them the solution they were looking for at an affordable price and with great possibilities for customization. "STAY offered us what would have been very expensive if we had opted for an exclusive provider at a perfectly affordable price. It's a simple, versatile solution adapted to our needs. And although it's not our own tool, the customization options help to convey the brand image you want, with your corporate colors and logo."

What started as an app to showcase the catalog of services ended up being a strong point of Vincci Hotels' strategy. "We started looking for that informative tool we referred to, but gradually we digitized the service offering, the request for extra amenities, the breakfast reservation...and even the reservation of spa treatments. And of course, the mobile key, which has been one of the wow effects for some time now. Although it will gradually cease to be so, because the whole sector is gradually joining this wave."

“We wanted an app that would adapt to our corporate image, but developing it was unaffordable for a medium-sized chain. STAY fit what we were looking for and was easily adaptable to our brand image”.

The results

"The guest experience is outstanding and extends beyond the facilities of our hotels".

"The results have not been long in coming. Through STAY, the hotel chain created its Vincci App, and its guests are delighted. With more than 7,000 ratings on both the App Store and Google Store, it has an average rating of 4.7/5. In 2022 alone, tens of thousands of breakfast reservations, requests for extra amenities, and special pillow requests have been processed, with a total of 469,000 unique users in the last year.

But let's take it step by step. Aixa Rodríguez Del Alisal makes an initial assessment of its implementation simplicity: "We were ahead of the game in 2016, but the pandemic has accelerated the integration of technology into the daily life of hotels, and customers not only use it now, but in many cases, they appreciate having it at their disposal for all the advantages it offers them."

Regarding the content and information load of the app, "we have been super accompanied by STAY from the beginning, it was an important part of the process. We have done a fairly deep job with our Vincci App, and it is evident in all our hotels, which have very complete and standard information in all establishments. Our strategy had to be homogeneous in all hotels, it was a priority.”

"The Vincci App from STAY is a product that we are very proud of. It allows us to coordinate many of the tasks of our hotels in an optimal way." But the Director of Marketing and Communication of Vincci Hotels also highlights "the guest experience that offering the Vincci App from STAY represents. Having all the hotel information on your smartphone helps you enjoy our properties more. It avoids problems such as arriving at the hotel restaurant and finding it full, so there are many examples."

Vincci Hotels have been implementing part of the services offered by the app. "We have digitized a large part of the customer journey." For example, Room Service.

"Before the Vincci App from STAY, a guest had to consult a menu, call reception on a landline, wait longer. There were more barriers and limitations. Now, imagine that a guest visiting Madrid consults the App, and even far from the hotel, requests that a sandwich be brought to the room at a specific time when they expect to arrive ... That is a wonderful customer experience."
The possibility of booking or ordering breakfast through the app has resulted in tens of thousands of transactions and operations through the Vincci App. As well as requests for extra amenities or pillows from the guest's smartphone, without the need to travel or call reception, and in multiple languages. Aixa Rodríguez Del Alisal highlights this: "With international clients, it allows you to be very effective in communication and without effort or room for misunderstandings."

That is why Aixa Rodríguez Del Alisal defines STAY and its Vincci App as "a basically perfect travel companion." "With 7,000 ratings and a 4.7/5 in the App Store and Google Store, we can say that it is a very well-valued application. Although there are always customers who prefer traditional operation, and we are prepared to attend to them as they wish." 

“The initial objective of giving greater visibility to our services after removing paper from all rooms has been achieved."

"Sustainability and mobile key":

In that sense, Aixa Rodríguez Del Alisal clarifies that they were ahead of what is now a social demand: the pursuit of sustainability. "Since the implementation of the STAY Vincci App in 2015, we have eliminated almost all paper by avoiding having to print thousands of maps, information directories, or restaurant menus. Changes are now much more agile." 

The same philosophy applies to the mobile key: "It still has a 'wow' effect, that action on the mobile phone that triggers the door opening is surprising, although it is increasingly implanted in the industry, and gradually it will cease to cause that sensation."

But success does not only consist of finding the right app. It must be accompanied by a staff strategy, for example, at reception. "That work has been key, we have a download QR code, during check-in it is informed that the app will improve the guest's experience and also, we usually place a welcome drink in many hotels that also encourages its download."

In this way, the customer of Vincci Hotels has everything they need, including the room key, on their smartphone. "With our app, we expand their guest experience far beyond the hotel facilities."

“The Vincci App is a success. Data (room service, amenities, mobile key) shows it, and thousands of reviews on the App Store and Google Store confirm it. The initial objective of showcasing our services has been achieved”.

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