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Restaurants PRO: Optimize Your Dining Spaces with Our Booking System

Oier Fano D.
Introducing Restaurants Pro

Complex tasks require specific solutions because the devil is in the details. That's precisely why we're releasing Restaurants PRO: because hotels need a flexible system that fully distinguishes their restaurants’ unique features from any other reservation system.
This set of functionalities makes the guest's booking process as simple as possible while your staff has full control of all the reservations in an intuitive, flexible and visual way.

👉 Here is a video tour with all the information about this new feature:

Let's get into the details.

Optimize your space distribution with a visual and practical table manager

Creating a layout of your restaurant is extremely simple and intuitive with Restaurants PRO. Drag and drop tables on your device, set the availability and time slots for bookings and combine everything: from tables to different areas like a dining room and a bar terrace. 

Your staff will be able to keep full control of the dining areas and reservations in a surprisingly simple way and with as many options as your hotel allows.

Keep track of all the reservations in a visual and intuitive way

In a visually appealing and intuitive way, your staff will be able to keep track of all the reservations. A flexible system to adapt to changing needs. A system adapted to hotels (and not the other way round)

  • Monitor the restaurant’s occupancy

  • Check the table status at a glance

  • Add new reservations on the fly

  • And much more. 

Voilà. Everything is under control!

Segment your guests and configure restrictions based on PMS data… It’s now up to you!

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. 

We know that there are a wide variety of guests in a hotel: All-inclusive, VIP, and regular guests, passersby, etcetera. We have taken all these details into account. You’ll be able to segment your guests based on their rooms and your PMS information

Your bars, restaurants, hammocks and pool laungers, etcetera, will be smoothly managed from the same device in accordance with the different types of customers or packages your hotel offers, the maximum number of people for each time slot/table/dining room, etcetera. A system tailored to the specific needs of a hotel.

In other words, you will be able to specify the restrictions each segment of your hotel has when it comes to booking restaurants. During their stay, you will be able to limit how many people, how many times or whether your guests can make reservations or not. Hotels can take advantage of this, since Restaurants PRO adapts to the specific operations of their business.

Let your guests and visitors book a table in a simple and intuitive way

Your guests can now book a table at their fingertips. They will easily check the availability of their favorite restaurants and bars in your hotel or resort, request a table with a view, etc. Full flexibility for both guests and staff. Everything is sorted in a matter of seconds. 

Furthermore, the system is adapted to visitors and passersby who want to enjoy your restaurants, but are not staying at your property. A table manager adapted to the hotel's daily life.

Coming soon… make the most of your revenue with F&B ordering

And... if you really want to make the most of Restaurants PRO... use the F&B ordering functionality as well. The QR code associated with each table will allow guests to order food and beverages. If the system knows who placed the order and where it came from, you will simply deliver it, shortening the consumption path. Saving a lot of time and increasing your revenue!

👉 Check out STAY Academy to learn more about Restaurants PRO 


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