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How mobile ordering systems can rescue your hotel operations

Oier Fano D.
mobile ordering hotel operations

In the dynamic world of hospitality, challenges constantly reshape the industry's landscape. Emerging from the shadows of a pandemic, the hotel industry grapples with a fresh hurdle: a severe shortage of skilled staff.

The resulting strain on the guest experience, with elongated wait times and revenue loss, threatens the industry's cherished image of comfort and distinction. However, amidst this turbulence, a silver lining has emerged in the form of mobile ordering systems. 

Imagine a world where guests effortlessly place their F&B orders through QR codes, with the flick of a finger, relishing a smooth and personalized process akin to sending a text message. 

As we delve deeper into its impact, let's explore how this technology mitigates the challenges posed by staffing shortages, with two top testimonies from renowned international chains, illustrating the profound impact of these mobile ordering systems.

How to enhance F&B with mobile ordering systems: elevating service

Strategic placement of QR codes across the hotel premises now unlocks untapped service potential, even in unattended areas. This dynamic system links guests’ orders directly to the kitchen, expanding service horizons, ensuring round-the-clock F&B coverage, and propelling revenue growth. 

This innovation breathes fresh life into the service landscape, promising guests a fulfilling and comprehensive experience.

Gone are the days of manual note-taking and lengthy order processing. With the introduction of mobile ordering systems, guests now can:

  • Place orders from their smartphones

  • Pay from their phones in different ways

  • Receive their orders faster than ever

  • Order room service from their device

  • Customize orders from their screens

Improved guest experience at Kimpton Vividora

Jorge Más Yebra, Chief Operating Officer of Kimpton Vividora (Barcelona, Spain), explains how this revolutionary technology boosted their guest experience:

"At Kimpton Vividora, we have several points of sale, including the main lobby, under the name GOT, which does not operate 24 hours. Additionally, we have a rooftop with a pool  and we realized that we were losing revenue by not being able to serve at the pool 24/7, meaning there was a gap between the rooftop's opening hours (8 a.m.) and the pool bar's opening time (10 a.m.).”

With the functionality of STAY's Ordering PRO, Kimpton were able to address these deficiencies using QR codes and the same number of employees. When the guest scans the QR code and places their order, the notification reaches many of the employees involved in the form of an automated email.

"We have greater control over the operations, improving the guest experience. But most importantly, even though there aren't waiters around the clock in the lobby area or at the pool, we do have staff members who can handle an order at all times.” 

"For instance, a cocktail order in the early hours of the morning when the bar is already closed. Thanks to STAY, this problem has disappeared."

Boosted revenue at Barceló Hotels in just two months

According to Alvaro Montalvo, the Ancillaries & Innovation Project Manager at Barceló Hotels, the shortage of staff and the underutilization of the pool areas' potential have posed significant challenges for vacation hotels, solved through mobile ordering systems. 

Montalvo highlights the inconveniences faced by guests at the Illetas Albatros Hotel in Mallorca, Spain, prior to implementing mobile ordering systems:

"I envision our hard-working clients eagerly anticipating their vacation, basking in the sun on their sunbed with sunglasses and music, simply desiring a refreshing mojito. We aim to ensure they have a seamless and delightful experience.” 

“However, at times, they encounter a long trek to the pool bar or endure a tiresome wait in the scorching heat, ultimately leading to disappointment. These issues, coupled with the challenges in staff recruitment, have prompted an evident need for improvement."

To address these challenges, Barceló implemented a mobile ordering system that allowed customers to place orders through QR codes, significantly improving the ordering process. Montalvo highlights the impact of this improvement:

"In the case of Barceló Illetas Albatros, which is a small hotel, we have 120-130 rooms. In the first two months after our mobile ordering system implementation with STAY, we have registered more than 1200 orders, resulting in 20,000 € in billing."

In the video, Álvaro Montalvo, Ancillaries & Innovation Project Manager at Barceló Hotels, explains how they boosted the revenue of Hotel Illetas Albatros thanks to STAY's Mobile Ordering:

Customization and upselling in hotel room service

Customization lies at the heart of exceptional hospitality. Mobile Ordering Systems empower guests to tailor their orders effortlessly, guaranteeing precise delivery and personalized experiences, even in the absence of an extensive waitstaff. 

This dedication to customized service ensures guest satisfaction and loyalty, defining the hallmark of an exceptional hotel experience. Beyond its core functions, mobile ordering systems serve as an invaluable tool for implementing seamless upselling strategies. 

Leveraging a smooth order placement process, hotels can now enhance their sales, foster customer engagement, and secure lasting loyalty. This versatile integration serves as a savvy and effective solution to manage staffing shortages, ensuring optimal service quality, even during lean periods.

This is how the Chief Operating Officer of Kimpton Vividora, Jorge Más Yebra, explains it.

“The room service functionality through the guest's smartphone has been a clear improvement. Previously, we received orders verbally, which could lead to errors and misunderstandings regarding customization requests. Additionally, the waiting times might not have been appropriate as a person would handle the orders over the phone and could have been multitasking. But now, each order is directly received in the system.”

The successful Chief Operating Officer of Kimpton Vividora also tells us about the extra immediate benefits of this technological approach in the digitalization of the F&B experience at Kimpton.

“Each order reaches many of us automatically, reducing waiting times and the margin of error. Moreover, we can interact with the guest, informing them that we have received their order. Furthermore, If the guest has ordered a hamburger without a drink, we can communicate with them: 'Hi, I noticed you ordered a hamburger. How would you like it cooked? Would you like a Coca-Cola? Shall I serve you a beer?"

In this video, Jorge Más-Yebra, Chief of Operations at Kimpton Vividora, explains how they overcame the challenge of staff shortage in F&B through STAY's Mobile Ordering, while maintaining an outstanding guest experience:


When it comes to personalization, the data collected through the mobile ordering system at Barcelo Hotels provides valuable insights into customer preferences, allowing for adjustments to the menu and personalized services. 

Montalvo emphasized the importance of personalization:

"Maybe in a guest’s next stay, when I make him or her a welcome drink, I'm going to prepare him an Aperol Spritz if I find out that’s his or her favorite. That's, of course, a wow effect. This is the kind of trends and attitudes that lead to loyalty”.

And this is possible thanks to the combination of technology and an empowered staff.

Mobile ordering: a milestone in the evolution of hotel industry

Mobile Ordering Systems not only tackle staffing challenges but also reaffirm the crucial role of technology in supporting and enhancing the efficiency of hotel staff.

Embracing these innovations, hotels can elevate the guest experience, ensuring a memorable stay that inspires repeat visits and garners glowing word-of-mouth recommendations. 

💫 With technology leading the way, the future promises an era of unparalleled guest experiences and streamlined operations, all powered by the seamless efficiency of Mobile Ordering Systems.

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