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3 ideas to wow your hotel guests

Oier Fano D.
3 ideas to wow your hotel

The wow effect. Three words that will make an impact on your life, as a hotel manager. Three words that will turn regular guests into repeat guests. A trend in the hospitality industry.

The Wow effect is the holy grail for marketers, salespeople and hoteliers who wish to impress others and encourage them to buy their goods and services. But wait, you might be thinking: What’s the so-called wow effect?:

Let's start with the definition. It is a state of mind. When something wonderful occurs unexpectedly. When you exceed your customers’ expectations with new features, services, or devices.

As technology has taken an ever bigger role in the hospitality business, the notion of the wow factor as a key ingredient in a successful guest experience has evolved. This applies to both chain hotels and smaller hotels.

Today, it’s not just about creating something that is memorable on special occasions. It’s also about understanding how hotel business itself has evolved — and what matters most.

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Wow your guests and offer them the best possible customer experience

It all starts with social media…

Basically, when you talk about the wow factor, you're talking about how much you can engage customers. The wow factor is tied to everything you can offer your guests during their stay.

Nevertheless, before we explore how to be at the forefront of hotel technology, let's clarify what we mean.

You shouldn't wait until hotel guests check in. Make an impression from the beginning. Make use of your social media channels. And invite your "wowed" guests to share their experience on Instagram or Facebook. “But why would they be my online ambassadors for free?” you might ask.

Because those are the things that make the wow effect so powerful. When guests feel they have experienced something unique, when they are delighted by hotel digital transformation, they can't wait to tell their followers and friends.


He who hits first, hits twice; Hotel Technology in 2022

Let's be crystal clear about this. For the last few years, hotels have not adapted to the digital universe as much as they should have. Some even failed to provide a normal wi-fi connection. Terrible mistake.

There are few industries that can benefit from technology as effectively as the hotel industry. There was an urgent need to adapt to the new normal after the COVID pandemic. As the situation appears to be under control, some hotel managers may become relaxed.

But, unless you adapt to 2022's wow effect trends, you won't be able to impress guests when the hospitality industry's inertia forces you to digitize. Take action now.

These are wow effect trends in 2022

Impressing your guests can be done in many ways. One of the best things you can do for your hotel is to implement brand-new technology while making their lives easier at the same time. You should consider the following 3 things whether you work for a big brand or a smaller hotel:

Unless you adapt to 2022's wow effect trends, you won't be able to impress guests when the hospitality industry's inertia forces you to digitize


1. Paperless service offering and mobile keys

Is plastic and paper really something you are looking forward to using? In addition to sustainability, are you aware how expensive and inconvenient regular plastic keycards are? They can become demagnetized. They're easy to lose.

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Whenever a customer requests a late checkout, they must upgrade them in reception. These issues take the hotel’s staff attention away from what their job is all about. Making the guests happy, being helpful, being proactive, and anticipating their needs.

With a mobile keycard, your guests can open their rooms or common areas with their smartphone. But, most importantly: They will be blown away.

The wow effect. It'll be like staying in a 22nd century hotel.

Run fast. This will become mainstream in a few years.

The same applies to a full digital hotel service offering. From menus and amenities. To Spa services and maps. A good guest experience system can digitize your hotel within a couple of hours.

QR codes are playing an important role in this new ordering trend. A customer can now scan any of the QR code placed in the rooms or facilities, browse a menu and place their order.

The restaurant (spa, housekeeping, etc) will know what table or room placed the order. Saving precious time. Some hotels have even developed this system in swimming pools, so their customers can order food from their hammocks.

Keep in mind that shortening the path to purchase reduces the chance that you will lose the sale to unwanted waits. That’s how you wow your guests.


2. Concierge and hotel staff chat -the human factor

Hotel guests feel lonely sometimes. Regardless of how polite, friendly, and helpful your hotel staff is, they have no control over their emotions once they enter the room. This can affect the entire guest experience.

When minor issues arise -uncomfortable pillows, temperature in the room, food ordering- they are reluctant to call reception. 

Implementing a Guest Messaging tool to your hotel will, however, allow guests to request assistance around the clock. It gives your hotel plenty of opportunities to offer a world-class guest experience

Putting a human touch on it. A simple "I'm not sure how to turn off the heater" can result in immediate assistance from your staff. Visiting their rooms to turn it down, for example. That’s a wow experience too. Solving problems within seconds of receiving a simple text message. Through guest experience systems, hundreds of hotels are improving their customer experience.


3. Train your staff/develop tech based strategies

Most people these days can use a mobile device or simple technology. Guest experience systems and digital hotel solutions are becoming increasingly popular. The hotel staff can easily manage them, too. 

In other words, wow your guests by showing them you're not only at the forefront of technology. Additionally, you are at the forefront of how these modern digital solutions can be used. Develop strategies based on these technological innovations.

Don't miss out on the technology bandwagon. All these solutions can be found in guest experience systems such as STAY for a very reasonable price. We all know that’s the core of the hospitality business. Don’t miss this opportunity.


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