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New features: Destination Guide and Directory

Oier Fano D.

Here at STAY, we're non-conformists. Not at all. We are constantly in contact with our customers to detect new needs and develop products that will help them become better. We have developed two new features in recent months as a result of this mentality. Here they are. For more details, read on!

Directory: provide detailed information about your hotel

Don't waste more money and paper in old in-room directories that become outdated in a short time. 

  • Provide practical information on your property. Provide detailed information about your hotel, such as property policies (smoking, pets, etc), wifi access, room access, currency exchange service, phone call charges, and much more! Everything your guests need to consider when staying at your hotel, especially upon arrival.

  • A digital time-saving alternative. Make sure your customers have a clear idea of everything they need to know upon arrival. With this digital directory, your staff won’t need to repeat the same speech every time and guests will be able to go through the information from the comfort of their phones. Just let them know about this feature and you’ll save time and effort answering the same questions over and over.

  • A sustainable and easy way to gather information and share it with guests. You can add practical information on your property and keep it always up-to-date in a digital format that will save you and the planet tons of paper.

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👉 You also have more information about Directory here


Destination Guide: an interactive and detailed guide for your guests

  • A customizable guide to the local destination. Add all information it deems useful, making the map a complete interactive guide that will enhance the guest's experience at the destination. In addition to making recommendations, you can direct guests to external websites for more information, to make a reservation, and to buy tickets.

  • Help guests make the most of the destination. Add as many items as you wish to the guide: from local lesser-known attractions to must-see historical landmarks. There's no limit to valuable local knowledge.

  • Avoid unhandy paper maps by going paperless. Avoid having your staff make the same recommendations over and over. Use this interactive tool to share interesting local attractions and key landmarks in the area, and ensure a great guest experience, saving time and money and going eco-friendly. The integration with Google Maps and Apple Maps makes it easier for guests to navigate and follow directions without leaving the app.
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