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New integrations available: EISI, Hotelinking, and ReviewPro

Oier Fano D.

We keep focusing our efforts on improving hotel efficiency so we’re adding three new integrations to help you centralize more and more processes in the STAY platform.

EISI: Centralize your task management

Simplify the process of reporting and updating issues for guests and staff. Any request that a guest makes from STAY will immediately appear on EISI, and your staff won´t need to switch from one tool to the other. Everything can be managed from STAY.

Hotelinking: easier access to STAY through WiFi login

Provide a smoother arrival experience to guests thanks to Hotelinking. Once the guest logs in to use the hotel WiFi, the browser redirects to the Web App or the App Store to download the native app. From there, the guest is automatically logged in to STAY having the check-in information already filled in. 

STAY + ReviewPro: All survey results in one place 

Take advantage of the power of ReviewPro and the convenience of STAY to get more feedback from your guests. Launch specific surveys for the different services of your hotel and check the results of all surveys in one single tool.

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