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New integrations: Opera Cloud, Knowcross by Unifocus and Hotsos

Oier Fano D.

More than a thousand of our customers utilize a variety of solutions to improve their guest experience every day. Our goal is to help you centralize as many processes as possible on the STAY platform, which is why we focus on integrations. We are pleased to announce three more.

Opera Cloud: additional features, security, and synchronization

Europe's most popular PMS system, Opera, offers a cloud-based version of its renowned software. In what ways does this integration benefit your hotel? It adds an extra layer of security to the app’s login. It synchronizes data between STAY and Opera Cloud to make sure there are no discrepancies.

And it allows the implementation of additional features to help guests start using STAY as fast and as easily as possible.

Knowcross by Unifocus + Hotsos: housekeeping, amenities, etc.

Knowcross by Unifocus and HotSOS are both prestigious American task managers. Both are very well known in the international hotel industry, and now STAY's users will have access to both their solutions and ours under one application, which is undeniably convenient for both clients and guests. The integration between STAY and Knowcross allows STAY to send Knowcross all maintenance, housekeeping and amenities requests created by guests using STAY on their phones.

Our work does not stop. By keeping up with the most popular systems used by our clients, we strive to make day-to-day operations of a hotel as efficient and comfortable as possible.

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