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Elevating guest experience: The evolution of personalization in the hotel industry

Oier Fano D.
Personalization Hotel Industry

Personalization goes beyond luxury; it has become necessary in the modern hotel industry. It's not just a technique; it's an attitude that should involve every hotel department.
Put yourself in your guest's shoes: Imagine arriving at your room and finding your preferences carefully attended to, from your favorite drink in the fridge to your favorite kind of pillow, all based on previous experiences or previous information. 
These small details bring a smile to the guest's face and establish a unique emotional connection with the hotel.

The experience starts on your web, guest app, and social media

The first encounter between the guest and the hotel happens online, on social media, the hotel chain's guest app, or the website.

The ability to personalize the experience from the start, from the design of the guest app and website to the personalized service offerings guests receive based on their preferences, is crucial.

Can you imagine the impact if a guest answers 3-4 questions on your guest app's homepage and, thanks to an algorithm, receives a personalized offer on the screen?

Impact on the guest, yes, but also on your revenue because it's different to offer a generic drink menu to someone who dislikes wine and loves beer as it is to focus that offer on the craft beers available at your hotel bar.

Personalized concierge: the human touch leads the way

Personalization continues beyond the reception or the hotel's guest app/website; the concierge plays a fundamental role. Human connection and a passion for customer service can turn an ordinary stay into an unforgettable experience. 

Stories like that of Raúl Bermejo, the concierge at the Four Seasons, demonstrate that true personalization goes beyond technology and is based on genuine relationships. In an interview with El Mundo, Bermejo mentions they never refuse a guest's request, no matter how extravagant.

"Bermejo has been asked for everything: from water from Lourdes to send to his country to millennia-old oils so the client would agree to eat."

His task doesn't start when the traveler appears with their suitcases at the local reception but long before. He coordinates a team of 11 people to provide personalized service and accompany the tourists before they reach their destination.

In-room and service personalization, elevating hospitality with tailored delights

Indeed, hotel personalization allows tailoring the guest experience with amenities that perfectly align with their preferences. From an Italian beer in the fridge to their favorite chocolates and a pillow crafted precisely to the customer's liking. 

The ambient temperature can also be fine-tuned based on preferences recorded from previous stays. Going the extra mile, the mini-bar can be stocked with vegan food items if the guest adheres to a plant-based diet. 

The little details make all the difference, creating a welcoming and personalized atmosphere that exceeds guest expectations.

Technology plays a crucial role in this customization, as data collection on guest preferences enables anticipating their needs seamlessly. 

This enhances guest satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty, as guests are likelier to return to establishments that understand and cater to their unique preferences. 

Extending personalization to specific local services and activities adds a distinctive touch, creating unforgettable experiences that highlight the connection between the hotel and its surroundings. 

Whether through room amenities or tailored local experiences, the emphasis on personalization ensures a memorable and individualized stay for each guest.

Customer immediate feedback: your ally for meticulous personalization during the whole stay

Technology is a critical ally in personalization. Tools like Instant Feedback allow hotels to improve the guest experience in real time, turning minor improvements into unforgettable moments that translate into positive reviews and long-term loyalty.

The wow effect of seeing how the staff immediately addresses an improvable aspect in your hotel in real-time before the guest checks out turns fives on Booking into tens. And it turns frowns into smiles. 

Personalizing is precisely that. Not understanding your guests as buyer personas. But as unique humans.

Guest apps and beyond, transforming the guest experience

Guest apps aren't just for digitizing your hotel's services; they are preference trackers. From check-in to the room, each interaction leaves a trace of each guest's unique preferences.

Innovative projects, such as using voice assistants in rooms – a project in which Amazon's Alexa has worked hand in hand with STAY – indicate that the future will allow even more profound and more straightforward personalization. 

🙄 We recommend not waiting for competing chains to do it because the first strike is twice as effective, as the saying goes.

Benefits for hotels: beyond guest satisfaction

In the post, we've focused on everything you can do to make the guest feel at home based on personalization and its application areas. But we're sure you want to know what benefits it will bring to your chain, hotel, or resort.

👍 Satisfied guests
Personalized experiences generate higher satisfaction levels among guests, making them feel valued and understood.

🔁 Repeat guests
Personalization fosters loyalty. Satisfied guests are more likely to become loyal customers who return and recommend the hotel to close friends and family.

📱Social media ambassadors
Satisfied guests become ambassadors for the hotel on social media, sharing their positive experiences and generating positive publicity.

📉 Increase in online ratings
Guest satisfaction is reflected in online ratings. Hotels offering personalized experiences receive more positive reviews.

🗣️ Competitive advantage
Offering personalized experiences provides a competitive advantage. Guests choose properties that cater to their preferences rather than generic approaches.

💰 Revenue increase
By understanding guest preferences, hotels can offer specific recommendations for premium services and personalized packages, generating higher revenue.

Conclusion: personalization is the natural evolution of the hotel industry

Personalization is not just a passing trend; it is a necessary evolution in hospitality. In a few years, the industry will be unrecognizable, and guests will experience a feeling of home from the first moment. 

🌟 Personalization improves guest satisfaction and boosts all positive indicators of your hotel, from online reputation to occupancy and, of course, revenue.

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