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4 keys to improving your hotel's guest experience

Oier Fano D.
improve your guest experience with stay

Customer service is the cornerstone of a hotel's work. Don’t miss out on these growing opportunities. It’s worth a read!

There is a purpose behind each activity, each action, each strategy developed by a hotel manager. Making guests feel at home. It's the little things that matter. 

As we're convinced you want to take care of even the smallest detail so that your guests leave ecstatic and happy… 


4 keys to help your hotel's guest experience fly off the charts


👉 With a direct and human communication channel, you can make a difference

Your hotel's receptionists play an extremely important role. Definitely. The hotel's staff is the first point of contact for guests.

First impressions matter a lot, for better or for worse. The front desk is crucial. From pre arrival to post stay. It is for that reason that you insist your receptionists make the stay as pleasant as possible from the get-go.

But let's be honest. A hotel misses out on many of the emotions, both positive and negative, that guests experience.

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guest channel

And we sure you'll agree that information is power.

What about providing guests with a smart digital solution that enables them to connect 24/7 to the staff, without having to download anything? For instance, they will be able to ask how to turn off the heating from a chat, without having to get out of bed or visiting the front desk.

Achieve great customer satisfaction

This will allow your team to answer questions in a timely manner too. Without wasting time on other tasks. Improving the customer experience.

Can you imagine how well cared for that would make your guests feel? You'll be able to better understand the emotions of your guests. Therefore, you will be more likely to act if you notice a bad experience at your hotel. As long as you adapt to the new “technological” normal, your guest experience will be sky high.


👉 Turn problems into opportunities by enabling easy surveys

We mentioned it earlier. Information is power. Especially in hotels. But it is crucial to understand everything in real time. Once the guests leave the building… It's too late.

You may become aware of shortcomings of your company's brand or chain through opinions on external websites.

And this can be discouraging. As these were situations that could have been resolved while the guest was in your hotel. What about offering guests the opportunity to rate their experience at your hotel?

Here is a practical example. You might have world-class service in your restaurants. At peak times, however, some guests may not receive their orders on time. As someone who makes decisions in a hotel, would you be concerned if you found out about this incident in real time?

Would you try to solve it as soon as possible to turn a bad score into a positive review? Absolutely.

Wouldn't it be great if your guests could let you know about these mistakes on their mobile phones in real time by filling out a simple survey? Just imagine if a bad score reached your staff right away. You could take action immediately.

What if you offered them a dessert, a voucher, or an apology to improve their guest experience?

In terms of delivering great customer service and understanding your guests' profiles better, technology is your best ally. This will result in more repeat guests.

Wouldn't it be great if your guests could let you know about these mistakes on their mobile phones in real time by filling out a simple survey? 


👉 Make your services visible with a mobile app and increase revenue

We are all human. We all have flaws. But it seems smart to show the world our strengths, too. It's the same in hotels. There are issues that must be fixed, which is why we believe a survey tool can be helpful in this regard, as aforementioned.

Now let's talk about the virtues. Are you proud of the services that your hotel provides? Surely you are. Creating them requires hard work and resources. It is a client-driven task. And you want to make sure they know them. In order to ensure a positive guest experience. A service offer is like wearing a fancy gala suit to dazzle people.

However, do you think all guests can easily access the menus, spa catalogs, etc.?

Did you ever wonder what would happen if instead of providing brochures and papers in different locations of your hotel, everything were focused on the guests' mobile devices?

Imagine being able to use a mobile app to do everything they can do anywhere, saving tons of paper? Wouldn't it be great if they could book each and every one of your services from their screens while being able to communicate with your staff 24/7? This would be the pinnacle of customer relationship management.

We can all agree that greater visibility leads to better guest experiences and higher consumption, right?

Digitizing your service offering is essential. To understand your guests preferences, of course. To make your service offering more visible too. Guest experience operating systems, such as STAY, management systems and management software will help you to achieve more and more milestones.

But there is more to come…

👉 Guests feel happier in a sustainable hotels

Sixty-six percent of tourists consider sustainability when making a hotel reservation, according to SmartTravel. This applies to both tourists and business travelers.

With regard to the solutions in this article, you may have noticed that they're paperless.

The digitization of hotel services, menus, and maps can save a hotel with 500 rooms up to half a ton of paper each year.

Would you like to read a real story of how a resort saved a tone of paper with STAY?

Our team works closely with hotel managers and operations directors, so we know that you want to be at the forefront of the industry and that your hotel reflects social trends. Customer loyalty is also affected by how a hotel responds to social concerns.

Making your service offer tech-friendly will help you provide better service to your guests. It will make it easier for them to get in touch with you. It will make your services more visible. Plus you'll be more eco-friendly. This will make an impact on external websites and social media too. Take it for granted.

If you still have doubts about the impact of these four initiatives, we'll give you two testimonials from hotel managers who have implemented these solutions and seen them make a difference.

“With STAY, we can make real-time decisions. We can adapt to the circumstances immediately, we can create tailor-made promotions and we are able to deliver food to our guests in a more comfortable and faster way.”
Álvaro Montalvo. Ancillaries & Innovation Project Manager at Barceló“

With STAY, we can make real-time decisions. We can adapt to the circumstances immediately, we can create tailor-made promotions and we are able to deliver food to our guests in a more comfortable and faster way.”
Deyanira Martinez, Dreams Nature resort's Resident Manager


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