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The client

Ruth Tobío, Digital Marketing & Comms Manager and PR, explains how they increased their guests' safety and the hotel’s commitment to the environment by using digital technology.

The 5 star Eurostars Sitges is a huge complex with a wide variety of services (2174 square meters).  High cuisine restaurants and 26 meeting rooms focused on Business events. A SPA area with 4 climatized pools -they use solar energy-, jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, solarium and a gym. In total, 263 rooms, three restaurants. Three bars... The hotel is occasionally booked by large multinational companies for big international meetings.


Star Hotel




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The challenge

Technology, sustainability and guest experience

Ruth Tobío, Eurostars Sitges's Digital Marketing and Comms manager,  explains to us the technological challenge they have faced due to the Covid pandemic. Additionally, she explains how her hotel implemented new technology to improve guest experience and adapt to the new normal. 

"We're a big hotel. We've got a lot to offer. Lots of products and services. And a wide range of customers. We're frenetic when it comes to communication. Our goal was to boost the guest experience while focusing on sustainability. It's about being part of the environment's improvement”.

Four climatized pools are available at the Eurostars Sitges. “They are heated with solar power. We discussed the possibility of gradually ceasing to use paper in our daily routines in the mid-term. However, the pandemic accelerated the process. The deadlines were shortened".  


"We have a frenetic schedule and, little by little, we've been trying to focus on sustainability while improving the guest experience. Stay helps us to accomplish both objectives".

Ruth Tobío
Digital Marketing & Comms Manager and PR
The solution

Digitizing the hotel’s service offering with STAY

In an interview with Ruth Tobío, she explains that they found a solution to the dilemma much faster than expected. “After the COVID outbreak, you could feel the fear. Guests did not feel comfortable handling brochures or paper. At the same time, we were extremely concerned about our guests' safety. We wanted to make sure they had all the information they needed. It was our goal to provide them with our service offering, safety measures, and all sorts of activities in Sitges via mobile devices. Several options were considered. But STAY was the best match for us".

Tobío shares her experience. “STAY is attractive and pleasing to all. Because it's useful, it's practical, and after the COVID outbreak, it's absolutely necessary. The app makes young people happy. And everybody else too. There's a QR code at the front desk. New arrivals are asked by the reception team: ‘Did you know that you can download our own hotel app by scanning this QR code?’”.

By doing this, we make sure our guests use the app from the very first moment. A huge source of visual, detailed and accurate info about our resort, our offerings and Sitges. Not to mention COVID's safety measures. As I told you before, our guests’ safety is very, very important for us”. 


"STAY is attractive and pleasing to everybody because it is useful, it is practical and, after the COVID outbreak, it is completely necessary".

Ruth Tobío
Digital Marketing & Comms Manager and PR


The Results

Technology, visibility and service offering

"Thanks to STAY, we have added information about local tourism to Eurostars Sitges website," the company's Digital Marketing and Communications Manager told us. The app now allows our guests to find information, maps, recommendations, or hotspots. And, as mentioned above, every little detail about our resort. The information is presented in an intuitive and straightforward way. Our app allows us to deliver a better guest experience, in a more innovative way”. 

Adaptation is inherent in any change. In this case, however, it was a quick process. Changes were handled well by the staff. “I update all of the content in the app.” As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I find STAY easy to use and fast to manage content. The app is very intuitive. Easy to use. The usability of our app is excellent", she adds. 

"I feel our guests' satisfaction every time they use our app. This is because they see how innovative we are”. 

“We put more than just the safety of our guests at the top of our priority list. We also strive to provide more information about our resort. The message that we are up-to-date with all the technological developments in the hotel industry is extremely important to us too. It enhances our brand image as well as our guest experience. And we know that, in the future, we will be able to make better use of STAY”. 

The implementation of STAY led to increased efficiency, cost control, and cost reduction, according to Ruth Tobío. ”Customers previously received maps of Sitges and our resort. In our welcome letter, we provided information about the hotel as well. After the pandemic, we stopped doing that”. 

“STAY now covers all of these needs. After implementing the app, we no longer need to print menus, which were expensive. Last, but not least: "Our energy consumption is more efficient due to our commitment to the environment". 

Ruth Tobío was asked if she would recommend STAY. "I would recommend that anyone working in the same position as me just give it a shot. When you begin working with STAY, you'll be able to see the results they offer and their level of service”. 


"The content management through STAY is extremely easy and fast. It is a very intuitive app. The app usability’s degree is high".

Ruth Tobío
Digital Marketing & Comms Manager and PR

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