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The client

Sol y Mar Hotels, a hotel chain located in Calpe, Spain, comprises the renowned Gran Hotel Sol y Mar and Suitopia Sol y Mar Suites Hotel. Silvia Monteiro runs Suitopia, an accommodation focused on families, with an urban style and facing the beach. The chain prides itself on offering exceptional service and creating a unique experience for guests. Silvia Monteiro describes the hotels as a unique fusion between the urban environment and the coastal location, offering a style and service traditionally associated with city hotels. "At Sol y Mar Hoteles, our goal is to meet the needs of a wide variety of guests, from families on vacation to constantly evolving market segments, such as cycling enthusiasts and tourists who prefer to visit us in winter."


The challenge

"In addition to reducing paperwork, we needed to increase guests' awareness of all our services."

The trigger to implement STAY Guest Experience OS was the COVID-19 pandemic. However, before that, Sol y Mar Hotels recognized the growing trend of guest experience technology. Silvia Monteiro explains: "The main trigger for the implementation of STAY was the COVID-19 pandemic, but already before that, we identified that technology focused on improving the guest experience was an important trend and was within our strategic plans. The need to promote social distancing and reduce contact with objects that can be handled by guests further accelerated this transition.”

 "We needed to find a solution to completely eliminate the use of paperwork. Although we already had in mind to adopt more technology, the current demand of customers is to receive information quickly and preferentially through their smartphones. In addition, the focus on sustainability has always been present on the roadmap, and in this aspect, STAY has played a crucial role”.

“We have taken progressive steps in our sustainable transformation, as it is a never-ending path. When delving into the field of sustainability, we realize that there are no limits. However, going paperless is an essential step in this process, and STAY provides us with the necessary support. By providing information about all our services through STAY, we have not only been able to reduce our use of paper, but we have also improved our efficiency and, in fact, we have been able to increase our revenue through the presentation of informational pop-ups and offers", highlights Silvia Monteiro.

The solution

“We chose STAY because it was our favorite, its pop up functionality was perfect for increasing revenue and it satisfied our guest's need for information”.

In their search for a guest experience solution, Suitopia Hotels chose STAY Guest Experience OS over other options due to its ability to deliver comprehensive information directly to guests' smartphones, notes Silvia Monteiro.

"STAY was our preferred choice over other options as it allows us to deliver all information directly to the guest's smartphone, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome paper documents. Previously, guests received all information at the front desk , which sometimes resulted in them not listening carefully or quickly forgetting what was being communicated to them. Now, they carry all the information with them in their pocket, available at all times", explains Silvia Monteiro.

 “From the beginning, we were clear that having a pop-up tool would allow us to boost our income by sending messages at strategic moments. For example, announcing a tempting offer at our pool bar, special promotions in our restaurants or exclusive events for adults, among other examples," adds Silvia Monteiro. "And this is because guests, especially those on vacation, , they need to have all the information to improve their enjoyment of the holidays, bringing it to their smartphones helps, without a doubt", he adds.

 “This is critical because of a problem we identified just in time. We carefully collect quality questionnaires and attach great importance to them. We carefully read everything our customers write, and sometimes we come across comments like: 'I didn't know there were activities for adults.' Although we had those activities published on a board visible to all, it is clear that this communication channel did not work the way we wanted. For this reason, we decided to implement STAY, convinced that it would help us resolve this situation, and it did", concludes Silvia Monteiro.

The results

"With STAY, we have increased revenue and it has even provided us with solutions for other challenges, such as the digitization of the Miniclub, where our feedback was vital".

The implementation of STAY Guest Experience OS has yielded notable results for Suitopia Sol and Mar Suites Hotel. Silvia Monteiro emphasizes: "STAY Guest Experience OS has helped us to solve our challenge. Guests can access information about what is happening in the hotel through their smartphones at any time and place. They can check all the information, offers and services. And we've seen an increase in our revenue because of it."

“Let me give you a concrete example. We have noticed a noticeable increase in demand every time we launch a pop-up related to our pool bar. This translates directly into an increase in sales and the influx of people in that particular area. We certainly have STAY to thank for these positive results.”

The implementation of STAY has been very simple. "Each department is responsible for uploading their content, and it's very simple and intuitive. Accessing the tool to upload new products or offers is quick. We don't use a native app; instead, we rely on strategically placed QR codes for guests to get scanned with their phones, which redirects them to specific web pages." “It's funny how STAY gave us a solution to a problem we hadn't even considered when implementing it. For a long time, we had wanted to digitize our Miniclub”.

“Parents had to manually fill out forms, leading to long lines and frustration. We searched the market, but we didn't want to require our guests to use different technology tools for different functions, as that doesn't provide a good experience for them. Amazingly, STAY released the functionality we needed without even asking for it, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to releasing new features to meet the needs of hotels. We are pleasantly surprised by their ability to anticipate our needs.”

“As best as I can tell, it wasn't exactly what we were looking for initially, but the feedback we provided to STAY helped them tweak the functionality. Now, we have saved hours of daily queues and guests can complete the information about their children from anywhere, be it their phones or the ipad installed at the entrance of the Miniclub”.

“It's a win-win situation because when guests need to access the app to register their children, they also access more information and offers from our hotels. This contributes to increasing awareness about our services, and of course, also the revenue” concludes Monteiro.

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