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The client

Located in Cancun, Mexico, Planet Hollywood (Blue Diamond Hotels and Resorts), is a resort with 1,018 rooms that offers a unique luxury and entertainment experience. With an adults-only section, its average annual occupancy of 85% hosts approximately 1,600 guests daily. It offers an all-inclusive plan with premium options for an additional cost.

Planet Hollywood implemented STAY in November 2023. These are some metrics:


Boutique hotels in the Colombian Northern Caribbean



+8K $

Average sales


number of rooms


unique users per month


revenue increase

The challenge

Planet Hollywood Planet Hollywood needed an app to eliminate queues, streamline reservations, and boost its services

Planet Hollywood Cancún had been searching for the perfect guest experience system for a decade to provide its guests with an app that amplified their stay. But until STAY was found, there were failed experiences. He tells us Jonathan Iriarte, General Manager of the resort.

“The challenge was to provide a stay adapted to our times. Offer our services on the guest's smartphone, eliminate queues for reservations, and increase the catalog's visibility, which we only showed on the room's TV before. We had up to 200 complaints a day about queues, and the reservation system in our 11 restaurants was a bit chaotic. The guest had to go in person, and this generated frustration.”

They had had the project in their heads for years but needed help finding the right app.

“In my ten years at this company, we have tested many applications. In 2014, we even went on the market with our application. But we did not find the ideal model, and at the development level, it did not meet expectations.”

Years went by, and Planet Hollywood couldn't find the right solution.

“Until Nexus Tours came on the scene, the participation of Daniel Espinal and Brenda Villarreal from Nexus Tours was key because they not only implemented STAY but also conducted daily monitoring to maximize the resort's digitalization possibilities.”

“We needed to eliminate queues, which resulted in up to 200 complaints daily. We wanted to increase revenue through greater visibility of services, and to date, projects with other apps have been unsuccessful.”

Jonathan Iriarte
General Manager
The Solution

STAY allows complete management of the stay from the guest's mobile phone, room service, reservations, and immediate feedback 

Planet Hollywood Cancún was clear about what it was looking for; a tool that would increase revenue, be easy to implement, and make the staff feel empowered and comfortable having complete control over it. The tool would also increase the visibility of the services and reduce queues and complaints. 

STAY finally lived up to expectations.

“We really needed to implement an app for guests, and from the beginning, I have believed in the product. Restaurants PRO helped us allow guests to make their reservations from their smartphones without standing in physical lines. Instant Feedback made real-time incident communications possible without forcing the guest to pick up a phone or go to an office.”

Jonathan Iriarte adds more. 

“Instant Feedback also helps us detect imperfections we did not detect before. The digitized Miniclub eliminated errors. And the digitalization of services increased the visibility of our catalog, logically leading to an increase in revenue.”

“With STAY, we increase the visibility of services. Restaurants PRO allows guests to make smartphone reservations without queues or hassle. With Instant Feedback, we detect imperfections in time, thus improving interaction with the guest.” 

Jonathan Iriarte
General Manager
The Results

Increase of 15% of revenue, elimination of queues (and complaints), and a more agile staff who has everything under control

Four months After the STAY implementation, income had already increased by 15%. 
The visibility of services and the convenience of booking them have been key. They have gone from, at times, having 200 complaints a day about queues for restaurant reservations to not having even one.
The staff is happy with the ease, freedom, and flexibility that using the app gives them.

With Restaurant Pro, guests can make reservations at the resort's 11 restaurants from their smartphones and anywhere.

“Before, it was a hassle. The first to arrive was the first to reserve. The restaurants opened at 5:30 p.m., and people had to wait in line. Now, you can reserve from anywhere on your smartphone. People no longer have to interrupt their relaxation in the pool.”

With Restaurant PRO, these queues have entirely disappeared.

“I insisted to the company president that he let me take the test. He let me try two restaurants. It was so good that a week later, he let me implement it in all the restaurants. In the month of February, I didn't have a single complaint.”

Planet Hollywood has also implemented Instant Feedback. Guests now express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction in real time through their smartphones.

“Previously, when a client wanted to contact us regarding an incident, we offered two options: picking up the phone in their room or visiting the customer service office.”

The implementation of Instant Feedback has streamlined the process.

“Guests now manage incidents from their mobile devices. We have improved response times. But we also get to know better what is happening in the hotel at all times, for example, if a bartender has had a bad attitude or if there is something specific that is not going as we would like."

Another aspect of Planet Hollywood that has been digitized through STAY is the Kids Club.

“Now everything is much more comfortable; there are no lines. The information is now reliable. Handwriting could be an issue before. If there is an emergency now, there is no confusion, as before. We have the correct information, and if there is a problem, I can contact the parents without errors.”

In four months of working with STAY, Planet Hollywood has registered almost 50,000 transactions through the app. It manages to register 77 concierge services, 59 sports, 19 spas, and 37 Balinese (STAY offers specific solutions for cabins, hammocks, and even mobile ordering through QRs) daily.

Planet Hollywood is All Inclusive, but it also has Premium services.

And, with the aim of upselling, STAY also it helps a lot.We are referring to romantic dinners, drink packages with the cabins, Spa reservations...

“We have recorded a 15% increase in sales. It is much easier for clients to make reservations for spa packages directly from their mobile devices.”

Room service is another premium service enhanced thanks to STAY. Before, they had to pick up the phone, but now, they can order from the beach or pool, be informed of the wait time, and arrive at the room exactly when the order has arrived.

The same can be said about the sports facilities; 4,000 reservations have been managed through the app: Gym, Pickleball, etc.

“In general, the Planet Hollywood guest today is much more aware of all the services, restaurants, treatments, and sports facilities we offer thanks to STAY. The amalgamation of services was shown on the room's television. Now, however, they have everything on their mobile.

The staff is delighted with the application. Daniel Espinal interviews the employees who manage each section of the app.

“They see a change. For example, with Restaurants PRO, from food and beverage management on down, it has helped them a lot to have orders and be able to manage menu changes.”

The change applies to each department of the hotel.

“The same is true in sports facilities. The sports supervisor told me that it is very convenient to control reservations for the gym and for his classes because it helps him keep order. And it is not that hard for him to make a report when asked.”

In conclusion, STAY has been an excellent success for Planet Hollywood.

“There is a before-and-after of the app. We have increased revenue, complaints about queues have dropped from 200 to 0, the visibility of the services is greater, the comfort for the guest is clear, and the staff feels empowered with the app.”

Jonathan Iriarte
General Manager

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