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Mobile Key Room

STAY + Onity

Onity is one of the top providers of lock and key technology for hotels. Their digital solutions for the hotel industry allow guests to access their rooms using their mobile device, without the need for a physical key or a key card.

How does the integration work?

STAY’s integration with Onity allows the hotel to generate a digital room key which is stored in the guest’s phone. This way, guests can access their rooms without having to use a physical key or card. They just need to activate the digital key and place their phone close to the door lock.

Integration advantages

  • Guests don’t need to carry their physical key everywhere they go.
  • The check-in process is faster and more efficient.
  • Digital keys can be easily generated for each person in a room.
  • Reduces the risk of key loss and the time the staff needs to dedicate to solving these types of issues.

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