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Task Manager


Eisi is a task management platform for hotel operations which allows hotels to manage all housekeeping, amenities and maintenance requests made by guests. Additionally, it has other features such as different permissions and views for different user profiles: hotel staff, hotel managers and corporate profiles.

How does the integration work?

The integration between STAY and Eisi allows STAY to send Eisi all maintenance, housekeeping and amenities requests created by guests using STAY on their phones.

Once the requests have been received by Eisi, the hotel can manage like they normally do with requests received in Eisi from any other channels. Eisi sends STAY all changes made to the requests and STAY can send push notifications to guests informing them about the change of status in their requests.

Integration advantages

  • STAY becomes an additional channel from which maintenance, housekeeping and amenities requests can arrive at Eisi.
  • The hotel can keep using Eisi to manage all requests of this kind.
  • The guest receives real time notifications for every change of status in his/her requests.

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