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STAY + QuoHotel

QuoHotel is an integral solution which increases the efficiency of your hotel’s operations. It is designed for hotel chains and independent hotels as well. On top of the main PMS functions it provides additional features such as spaces management for spas, gyms, golf courses, time sharing locations…

How does the integration work?

The integration between STAY and QuoHotel allows both platforms to synchronize contents between both platforms in order to provide additional features to improve the guest experience.

Guests at hotels using STAY and QuoHotel will be able to log in the app using data from their booking stored in the PMS. This helps increase login security.

Another possible additional feature is the sending of personalized emails to each guest once they check-in so they will be automatically logged in the app. Personalized URLs can be generated for each guest as well.

Integration advantages

  • It adds an extra layer of security to the app’s login.
  • It synchronizes data between STAY and QuoHotel to make sure there are no discrepancies.
  • It allows the implementation of additional features to help guests start using STAY as fast and as easily as possible.


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