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Hotel guest evaluation: How technology will boost your reputation

Oier Fano D.
Hotel guest review

The guest experience is everything for a hotel. Its core. The driving force behind its operation. Experts define it as "the outcome of all the interactions and emotions a client experiences in the hotel from the time they check in until they check out".

The internet has become increasingly important in our lives. Therefore, hotel managers need to do all that they can to ensure external websites such as Tripadvisor and Booking reflect the wonderful experience their hotels can offer. Otherwise, it's like having an awesome clothing store with a window display that doesn't bring in customers. Makes no sense, does it? Well, that’s one of the biggest frustrations when you are in charge of a hotel.

That’s why our goal is to give you tips on how to improve your hotel’s guest evaluation. Put them into practice and your hotel's online reputation will soar.

The 4 key steps to elevate your hotel’s guest evaluation


Front desk: The kindness language that hotel guests want you to speak

Mark Twain once said, "Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see". The language that your hotel's guests want to hear as soon as they enter through the front door.

Remember that a hotel's reception plays a big role in how guests feel during their stay, because first impressions count. Hotel employees' behavior, attitude, and personal presentation will affect a tourist's perception of the hotel from the moment they check in. 

And, believe us, the possible issues that a guest may face during their stay will not impact their overall experience if they feel warm and comfortable from the very beginning. Remember that "constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate”.

Some may say that anyone can become a receptionist. Perhaps it is true. However, few are able to excel at front desk work. You should have excellent verbal communications abilities to be a skilled receptionist. Active listening, patience, and excellent customer service skills are also essential. An employee's charisma will also influence a guest's evaluation of your hotel.

However, a hotel manager must address two issues. Such employees are usually hard to find. And in any case… No matter how good your staff (reception, hotel restaurant’s employees, housekeeping) may be, there is much happening during a guest's stay that is invisible to them.

And that's when technology can play a crucial role in boosting the evaluation of your hotel guests.


Communication and concierge chat

Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate with your guests from anywhere at any time? Are you able to keep the warmth and service skills that make a difference in your hotel's performance 24/7/365?

Years ago, this was unattainable. Not anymore.

Through concierge apps and chats, you can keep all lines of communication open throughout your guests' stay. It's a trend in the hospitality business in 2022, and hotels that are using it make a difference.

Because no matter how they access this tool -App download, web app/ QR codes-, you'll be able to keep track of all your guests do, feel and need.

You will be more likely to hear from them if there is something that can be improved. Let's say, for example, they need a new pillow or extra duvet, or perhaps they can't find a way to turn the heater down. The concierge app can be incredibly helpful. In addition, you will impress them by providing a 24/7 assistance.

The main functions of a Concierge App are:

  • Provide fast and personalized services to your guests.
  • Manage your guests’ request from a computer window.
  • Send recommendations.
Assist them when it comes to services & amenities throughout the hotel.


Mobile devices, service offerings. Hotel/social trends

Make your guests' life easier by providing information about all your services (hotel restaurants , spa, laundry, gym, etc.) on a single screen. It's time-consuming to handle tons of paperwork for a variety of bars and hotels.

The right guest experience operating system brings more visibility to your service offering, which is why hotels are embracing technology. You'll exceed your guests' expectations. Expect your guests' hotel evaluation to increase as well.

What else can you do to improve your online reputation?

Implement a mobile key. This trend is catching on all over the world. With mobile key functionality, guests can access their rooms (and other hotel areas where magnetized plastic key cards are required) via their smartphones. Guests simply have to open the hotel's app and tap unlock once they are within a few feet of the door. A priceless guest experience.

And let’s not forget a key part in a hotel’s guest experience linked to technology too. The hotels’ restaurants. Key in the hospitality business.

The way we eat is changing dramatically. A little under one decade ago, restaurant-quality meal delivery was still largely limited to foods such as pizza, burgers and Chinese. Food delivery has become a global phenomenon in recent years.
Hotels have started implementing booking systems to keep up. Plus, it's cheaper and faster.

This new ordering trend is heavily reliant on QR codes. The hotels’ restaurants can use the feature to print these QR codes -saving money and paper- and leave them on tables. Once the QR code is scanned, the customer can browse through the menu and place an order. This will shorten the path to purchase and consumption. It will erase unnecessary waits. Customers love it. And they will take the opportunity to highlight it in your hotel’s evaluation and review.

Make your guests' life easier by providing information about all your services (hotel restaurants , spa, laundry, gym, etc.) on a single screen. 


Active listening and live hotel surveys

The above suggestions will have an impact on the score of your hotel. However, live surveys give you total control over the situation. Especially when it comes to turning a negative experience into a positive one. Here's how: Measure your guests' satisfaction and analyze their comments in detail and in real time to identify pain points. Respond immediately as well.

To provide the best customer experience, you need to know how your guests feel at any given moment. If you use a software or a OS such as STAY, you can track qualitative and quantitative feedback on each of your services and facilities so that you can identify any areas where you might be able to make improvements. In real time.

Let's say you receive a message saying the food was a bit cold after it was delivered. Hotel booking websites might mention this after your guest’s review. Now you'll get a chance to respond before he leaves. Either apologize or send a bottle of wine… The decision ultimately rests with you, but you now have the opportunity to make a bad situation positive. It won't take long for you to achieve world class customer loyalty.
When you receive a positive response, guest experience digital solutions let you send your satisfied hotel guests to sites such as TripAdvisor or Google. Negative reviews can be avoided. And your guests will love having the opportunity to share their experience with the world.

And last but not least. There is a trend in the hospitality business linked to digitization:

Data analytics.

The hotel staff and management will soon be able to visualize customer data and get detailed reports on hotel guest’s activity in real-time, so they will always be on top of things. The trend in the hospitality business is clear when it comes to boosting your hotel

You'll be able to make better decisions. Like identifying growth opportunities and tailoring promotions for better profits (hyper personalization). 

So, to sum up. A hotel's most important asset is its guest experience. Your window display is now your online reputation and hotel's guest reviews. Taking technology into account is therefore essential. Hospitality businesses are increasingly using technology to make guests' lives easier. Success depends on it. Higher scores and better reviews won't be the goal, but just the consequence.


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