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The ultimate whitepaper on mobile key. The booming industry trend

Oier Fano D.

Did you know 84% of hotel guests would use a mobile key again? Are you aware that 76% of travelers find their smartphone to be their "most useful travel companion"?

Therefore, we must ask the million dollar question: 

Why isn't this disruptive technology being implemented in the entire hotel sector if it makes a difference in the most successful chains?

There is perhaps a lack of awareness, as most hotels already have the lock that this technology requires... and they aren't aware of it!

It may be due to skepticism and fear of change. 

However, we have a solution. Our STAY team has published a whitepaper titled "The mobile key knocks on the hotel industry’s door".

What will you find in this whitepaper?

Here you'll find everything you wanted to know about this technology, but never dared to ask:

  •  Benefits for both guests and hotels

  • Contactless key technology: types and uses

  •  Interview with the major mobile key providers

  •  Hotel success stories using mobile keys

The purpose of this free guide is to clarify, with a visual and didactic approach, all the doubts that may arise regarding this technology, which can make a difference from the guest's arrival, bringing benefits, not only to guests, but also to hotel staff, since it speeds up the hotel's operations.

Make sure you download it now and stay ahead of the game!

Free whitepaper. Mobile Key



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