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Wifi Login

STAY + Hotelinking

Hotelinking is a company which provides WiFi connectivity services to hotels. One of their services is the portal used by guests to log into the hotel’s WiFi. The integration with STAY simplifies the login process guests have to go through to start using STAY, because it uses some of the data already introduced by guests to log into the WiFi Portal to allow them to log into STAY as well.

How does the integration work?

The objective of this integration is to reduce some of the friction in the login process for guests who want to use STAY at the hotel. To do this some of the data used by guests to log into the hotel’s WiFi portal are used to generate a custom URL for each guest which, when tapped on, will automatically log them into STAY as well, so that they can start booking services at the hotel.

Integration advantages

  • The login process for STAY is made really easy for guests, so it helps improve user acquisition for the hotel’s app or pwa.
  • The friction in the login process for STAY is greatly reduced, and the adoption of STAY by guests is strongly boosted since guests can start using STAY and booking services at the hotel from the very first moment they connect to the hotel’s WiFi.

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